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The old blame the young and the young blame the old...

A society in cultural conflict between modernity, religion and tradition. Averse to the old but not able to comprehend the new in a moderate way. A walk between alleged religious principles and the full effects of the modern fast paced times. 

The old blame the young and the young blame the old. 
„They don’t respect our sacrifices“ they say, „We don’t want your heritage“ say the other, while both of them don’t understand that they all are a part of this. 

The young from back then, who once went on the street for social equality and against the decadence of monarchy, eke out their existence outdistanced and left behind by the young from today, for who they once marched on exactly these streets. 

Exhausted and old they accept it, while the young from today live their lives, shaped by prohibitions and punishments, boundlessness without understanding that freedom is more than just parties, drugs and plastic surgery.

That’s no reproach but rather an assessment of a downright outbreak of a generation beginning to bloom in time of conflict and mental captivity.

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